March 31, 2020
5 Reasons Why French Coffee Presses Is a Great Choice

5 Reasons Why French Coffee Presses Is a Great Choice

People look for the most advanced and latest technology in the hopes of finding an item that delivers the best results. Most of the time, however, the simplest contraptions are the ones able to provide you with the quality result you have always wanted. Such is the case when you get an amazing French press coffee maker.

There may be a lot of coffee makers that followed coffee presses, but we have reasons to believe French coffee presses are still the best. So, on your next trip to the store, here are five reasons to buy a French press coffee maker.

  • Unique Taste And Aroma Of Brewed Coffee 

    Popular nowadays is the espresso machine and drip coffee. It provides a particular type of aroma and flavor that you won’t find in typical instant coffees sold in the market.But coffee presses also provide a new level of brewed coffee. It gives you full control of how long you intend to brew your coffee. This may not seem like much, but it is a vital factor in determining the lightness and strength of your coffee.

  • It’s Portable And Easy To Use 

    Not that you’d want to brew coffee wherever you go like the office or the supermarket. It already happened to a lot of people, however, when they go on a long family or business trip and is in need of their perfect coffee mix.When drinking coffee has already become a routine, you won’t think of it as anything that’s of particular importance, not until you go out of town and realize you haven’t had your morning coffee yet.

    Lucky for you, if you have a French coffee press, you only need to bring two tiny parts with on your luggage before you can enjoy your strong brewed coffee whenever you like.

  • You’ll Have More Temperature Control 

    Electric coffee makers may look fresh and modern, but if there’s one thing these auto coffee makers don’t have is the luxury of full control.Since electric coffee makers decide the temperature of your coffee, you have little control over how your brewed coffee will taste like. In contrast with French coffee presses that lets you choose how hot your coffee mix should be.


  • It Makes Healthy Coffee 

    Some people like how modern coffee makers use filters so that the remains of coffee beans are left out of their cup.But on the other hand, this also means that the substantial elements of the coffee are now absent from your cup of creamy goodness.

    By using a French coffee press, however, you plunge the essential oils up to the last cup. With that, lots of nutrients and antioxidants will be released in your bowl as well.


  • You’re Not Limited To A Cup Of Hot Coffee 

    We saved the best for last. Coffee lovers aren’t all fans of a hot cup. A lot of coffee drinkers we know prefer their beverage to be mixed with ice.The difference between modern coffee makers and a French coffee press is that this one lets you brew iced coffee as well. In other brands of French coffee presses, you could also add in tea leaves, and milk to your coffee, or even make an espresso.

    Our Final Word

    Sometimes, you don’t have to look so far to find the best apparatus for coffee making. A French coffee press might be a simple tool, but it inevitably pours one of the best coffees you will ever taste. The thanks go to the greater control that an amazing French press coffee maker can offer.

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