March 31, 2020

Explore the Best Animated Movies Figurine Online

If you like movies which are balanced perfectly between the good and evil, then you should see the movies made by Ghibli Studio. They have created the most benign characters like No Face Spirited Away, Chihiro, Haku, in the same movie and the characters from other movies too. The studio has made a reputation in making the most simple and sophisticated stories with a unique twist.

The studio has focused on creating a world where humans should live instead of portraying the one that is real. One other story just like the amazing concept of equality of Spirited Away, Ghibli also made a movie without any villains, fights, or dark characters. It was My Neighbor Totoro which provided a whole different insight to the world. The movie was loved by all viewers even though it wasn’t promoted that much. When you’ll see the film, you’ll only smile and smile over again.

The movie tells a story about two young sisters, Satsuki, and Mei Kusakabe. As their mother is moved to a hospital in the district, they also have to start their life in a new place. Unlike most of the American animated movies, the movie focused on just the two sisters. Plus, they have a caring, loving, and strong father which is hardly seen in the American animation.

The two sisters found that the house they are expected to live in is inhabited by tiny creatures called susuwatari. As the girls settle in their home and spread happiness in the house, the creature left the house and tries to find another one. As Mei starts to explore the nearby places she came across a spirit which roars and she interpreted those roars as Totoro. Throughout the story, both the sisters came around Totoro and he witnessed the calmness and happiness residing in their hearts.

The movie My Neighbor Totoro is entirely based on situation, exploration, and experience. There is no conflict or threat in the movie which affects the children’s mind. In reality, the character of Totoro is created by Miyazaki for the movie as mythological forest creatures. Once the movie was released, it became one of the favorite Japanese Animated movies all across the world. The movie is a little sad, little happy, little surprising, little scary, and little informative. So, you should watch the movie as it has it all.

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