March 31, 2020
The key to nailing the perfect jumpsuit look!

The key to nailing the perfect jumpsuit look!

Jumpsuits are the most comfortable attires you can come across. While some might say it seconds the dresses, ladies jumpsuits however, no doubt one of the best inventions when it comes to narrowing down the laid back and effortless outfits list… they are super comfortable, relaxed, easy to wear and most importantly glides like water over your body without the worry of exposing too much skin. Read through to find out how you can pick and style the jumpsuit of your choice in the most easy ways!

Picking the right silhouette: picking the right silhouette is the first task you want to get over with before you head on to onward steps. This step requires you to narrow down your body in to a type that suits you the most and accordingly then, you can easily pick the silhouette that compliments your curves and hides your problem areas in just the right places. Once you have figured out your body type and the silhouette that suits you the most, half the battle is already won!

Occasion worthy: understand the kind of occasion or event you want to buy your jumpsuit for. Whether it’s for a friends night out, just a casual morning sunday brunch, for everyday wear or for a formal wear. Deciding on the particular occasion will invariably save you a lot of time. This will keep your head clear of that you are and will be looking for.

Colour and print- while summers are all about wearing bright and pastel shades, winter time is no different. Yes a lot of warmer hues come into focus but that’s only because of the gloomy weather. Wearing brighter hues compliments your skin and face and makes it more glowy, bright and happy automatically. However, wearing more of blacks and darker shades tends to keep your mood on a much sober tone. You can also go for muted and neutral hues like ochre, maroon, olives, navy blues, beige and off white that complement every one.

Accessorize it right: accessorising your look is the key to styling any outfit. It not only completes your overall look, but also makes you look prettier and chic. One of the most important factors to keep in mind while accessorizing with jewellery is to balance the look out. So if you are going for a heavy necklace, opt for much simpler earrings that don’t stand out too much and make the look over the top and vice versa. You can also accessorize your look with a pair of sunglasses or a scarf to keep the look simple and elegant while obviously carrying out a bag with you at all times.

The go-to footwear: everyone has their go-to footwear that they just absolutely love and can pair them up with almost anything and everything. However, you need to have at least 2 pairs of footwear that you have saved for special occasion and days. While deciding on a footwear, keep in mind the look you are aiming for. For instance, a pair of sneakers with a dress give a casual outlook, whereas the same dress worn with heels give out an elegant outlook.

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