May 25, 2020
Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Violin

Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Violin

If you’re planning to buy a violin for the first time, you will find yourself overwhelmed with so many choices. With so many brands and kinds, you have to make sure you buy the right one for yourself; since buying a brand-new violin would be a big investment. Here’s what you should be considering if you’re buying a violin.


Violins come in a variety of sizes, and to know which one suits you is important for the ease of playing. Based on what is your age, height, strength, and the shape of your hand, you have to buy a beginner violin that is crafted for you. If you’re confused, settle down for a small one instead of a big one. Playing a violin that is too big for you could result in arm, neck, or back problems. Also, it would become hard to practice playing.


To make it easier for people to buy the right one, brands categorize violins into types based on your proficiency in playing the violin. Knowing your level of proficiency would help you narrow down the list of violins out of which you plan to buy one. For beginners, looking for student violins is the best idea which also comes at a lower price.

Intermediate violins are good for anyone who knows the basics but is still not sure about investing too much in a professional violin. Moreover, you would find professional or master violins that are for people who are well-versed in playing the violin. This would be a wise investment only if you’re sure you would pursue playing the violin as a musician and not just for the sake of a hobby.

The sound of it

Based on what material the violin is made of and the style, each might sound different. To make sure you’re buying the violin that sounds how you want it, you should play it and check. This would help you find the right kind of violin. If you haven’t yet started playing the violin, you can go to the store with someone who already knows how to play the instrument so that you can hear the sound before buying one.


It’s also equally important, besides the size, that the violin rests perfectly below your chin and helps you be in the most comfortable posture. For this, hold the violin the way you would when you play, and check if it lets you assume a natural, comfortable posture. This would help you play effortlessly.

These are certain points to consider when buying a new violin. Besides these, you should also make sure you buy your violin from a good music store. You would find the reviews on the internet, along with location, when you type ‘music stores near me’ on Google. Once you buy the right violin for you from a good music store, you’re ready to get started with your violin lessons.

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